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The benefits of rubber tiles range from tactile to aesthetic appeal, safety, and durability. This makes it have a premium choice over the other options. It is colorful, enabling your playground to have a beautiful look. It’s durable and lasts long. Other benefits include its appearance as it has a visual appeal with diverse colors that encourages children to have fun on them.

Pensacola Safety Surfacing-Rubber Tiles

Rubber is cheap in Florida and the United States at large and is installed quickly and easily, and is durable. It provides perfect fall protection as it absorbs on impact, thus curbing critical injuries. Rubber tiles absorb noise making the playground to be less noisy. The following are some of the benefits of rubber tiles on safety surfaces for playgrounds


Rubber tiles’ safety surfaces are slip-resistant and take along to wear. The substance used is adaptable to movement while affecting the resistance. This facilitates an extra cushion to absorb impact during falling. The probability of children getting injured or any other risk associated with injuries is reduced. High-fall risk is also reduced as the surface prevents them from the impact. This quality is more important in parts of the United States of America during the rainy season. Also, it is applicable in areas with a lot of moisture which makes the ground slippery.

Attractive And Stylish

Rubber tiles are attractive and stylish. They come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. The color aspect of it is that it attracts children, and as we know, children love colors. This merit makes them be attracted to the playground and end up enjoying their play. Rubber tiles surfaces are the best designs with colorful options. This creates more remuneration to the surfaces. If you want a more assorted visual appearance in a set-up, multiple choices could be generated to layout more variety. Customers can select an original design and fashion which accommodates their budget situation.

Rubber tile can be applied to almost all other surface types. You can decide to lay it on top of grass to cover up patches. It is flexible in that it could be installed with existing features. It is cost-friendly as no extra amount is needed. Pensacola safety surfacing installs a rubber tile safety surface playground at a reasonable fee. The product is flexible in that you can modify it and style the playground according to your preference and choice. The rubber tile can also be tailored to the overall surface of the playground.

Sound absorbing

Rubber tile comes with the quality of minimizing noise made by children when playing. It can absorb noise. This drastically reduces the amount of noise. Children can now play freely without disturbing adults in the same neighborhood. You can relax, read your favorite novel during the daytime, or take a nap in a noise-free environment. The rubber surface is an excellent noise canceller. This is because the surface absorbs echo and reduces noise transmission.

Durable And Cost-Effective

Rubber surfaces are economically friendly during installation as they can be laid directly on the ground. It requires minimal preparation in installation. Rubber saves on costs, preventing you from digging deep into your wallet, enabling you to save. Installing can also go forward without edging. It can be beneficial on surfaces of playing grounds. Parents no need to dig cheaper for their children to have a playing environment

Tough And Sturdy

Rubber tiles’ safety surfaces are waterproof and UV resistant. They take long before showing any signs of wearing and tearing. They endure years of performance and handling, making them suitable for the diverse climate of the United States of America. You save in your budget as you don’t incur extra expenses such as replacement costs and repair.

The playground is economically friendly as it requires low maintenance costs. After installation, it takes a long period for it to be repaired again. It is also too clean as it is stain resistant. This ensures that your children are playing in a safe and clean environment. Other ordinary playgrounds are full of dust, putting the health of your child at risk by being exposed to pathogens. In a Rubber surface playground, the tidiness of children is ensured as their health is taken into consideration during installation. Also does not swell when exposed to water to ensure that it can be occasionally cleaned using water. 

Resistant To Harsh Weather Conditions

Rubber tile is resistant to weather conditions. The playground can withstand harsh environmental factors without wearing out. They are water-resistant, making it to be in a normal state during rainy seasons in Florida. Also, during summer, it withstands sunshine as it does not crack or peel out. It retains its physical conditions.


The material used in the manufacturing of this bonded rubber mulch is from recycled truck tires. It is eco-friendly in that it reduces the landfill and the carbon dioxide that the tires might emit. It beautifies the land as the raw materials, which are the tires, are taken for use. Space that was used as storage for the tires is being reassigned into beneficial activities like farming. Recycling this product into bonded rubber mulch safeguards the environment as degradation is no longer the case. When the mulch is used in installing the playground, children can play safely in a suitable environment.

Looks Natural

After being recycled, they maintain their natural look. They stay in place bounding and also making them be easily maintained. Pensacola safety surfacing in the United States of America may absorb them and naturally install a playground surface. In this way, they facilitate an enabling suitable playing environment, making it easier for children to preserve the environment naturally. 

Cleaner Play Environment

Playground installed using rubber tiles observes the cleanness and tidiness of children. They enjoy outdoor playing without being covered with mud or splashed by running water. A regular playground is primarily affected by the weather during the rainy season, and the surface becomes muddy and tall grasses emerge. This makes it unsuitable for children. Their health is put at risk, and also, they might be intruded on by crawling insects and maybe snakes. In a good rubber tile surface playground, children can play without getting muddy and messy, and the playing surface is also easy to clean.