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This rubber flooring is the safest way to make playgrounds safe for children and overall. Children are energetic and playing is part of growing, it cannot be avoided. Accidents and injuries are things that can’t be controlled and it is difficult to eliminate them but they can be controlled. EPDM rubber is an extremely flexible and durable synthetic rubber with numerous applications. This rubber is not brittle and can survive all variations of temperature and lasts for decades. An EPDM rubber surface is non-toxic and safe, making it a great option for your playground surfaces.

Pensacola Safety Surfacing-EPDM Rubber

It also has elastomeric properties which means that it is elastic and viscous. Pensacola Safety Surfacing has been manufacturing and installing the best safety surfaces in Florida. It has some unique characteristics which make it excellent for many tasks. An EPDM rubber not only is elastic and durable, but it also has a number of benefits.

EPDM Rubber is Safe and Reliable

While playing, children sometimes end up falling on hard surfaces creating severe injuries. Due to the increased brain and other serious injuries, that is where rubber surfacing was introduced. This for sure came in handy because they are now minimal and controlled for the surface to meet the critical fall height standard. EPDM rubber is made in a way that it resists being damaged in applications especially when exposed to elements like Ultra-Violet rays. It has a chemically saturated single bond which is the reason why it is highly resistant to outdoor conditions which in turn cannot break its molecular structure.

If you need an outdoor rubber that has already proven to be reliable and resistant to chemicals then Pensacola Safety Surfacing takes pride in suggesting the EPDM flooring as the right material for the job and promises to deliver the product on time under any circumstances.

Not only is it a good conductor of electricity, making the rubber surface shock absorbent but also resistant to steam and water. In terms of versatility, literally, no rubber comes close to how affordable and popular the EPDM rubber is. The rubber surface cannot flood.

It has a Variety of Designs

Children are naturally attracted to design and color. EPDM rubber’s flexibility property helps it in creating a range of attractive designs that will be pleasing to the eyes. The vibrant colors are also a great way to add a personal touch to the playgrounds. This rubber product is made in a way that improves the stability of the colors. They are then able to be flexible and durable, withstanding climatic change and UV rays. The elastomer nature of the EPDM rubber gives room for the customers to mix and match colors and designs to attain an attractive surface. This flooring, therefore, based on the technology of the rubber, is able to maintain its color and thickness that will last for a long period of time. The colors are also permanent.

EPDM Rubber has a Low Maintaining Cost

The rubber flooring is easy to clean and maintain. It only needs a little mild soap and water not always but occasionally. The most attractive thing about this material is that the cost of EPDM is low meaning the cost of purchase and replacement is also low. Most rubber flooring can cope with extremely high temperatures, but cannot withstand the cold as it does. Then why spend more when the best is affordable and long-lasting?

It is Durable

EPDM rubber that is installed by Pensacola Safety Surfacing is designed in a way that it can compress well and recover fully and is resistant to cuts and tears. It is suitable for environments with high temperatures because its stability is high and also low. Installing EPDM rubber on playground flooring saves you a considerable amount of money

When it comes to durability, the surface of the EPDM is composed of resistant UV rays and ozone layers that prevent it from weathering. The chemical components make it a great option for the rubber surface hence it retains its color for ages and is mainly suitable for outdoor applications.

Its properties result in it being highly durable and so widely used and be extremely versatile. The rubber surface strength is incomparable, it does not become brittle meaning if used, the EPDM flooring will automatically function brilliantly. This helps you save on money and time. 

Given the vibrant physical qualities and its synthetic elastic property, this flooring is reliable and solid all year through with actively minimal maintenance. It makes an ideal outdoor surface with zero oil and chemical applications. It also accommodates riding bicycles and skating and many other games.

EPDM is Safe

This non-toxic and stain-free rubber is made from quality and premium grade EPDM sheet rubber. It does not emit chemicals. It is also synthetic and has a lot of uses and due to its non-toxic property; it is a safe flooring option for playgrounds. The rubber flooring does not cause allergies too.

The fact that it also has non-slip properties means that the children can play worry-free. The falling impact will also be minimal because the surfacing is soft.


Pensacola Safety Surfacing has the ingredients necessary for your flooring surfaces. EPDM rubber is highly recommended on stone floors or concrete floors that have a plain surface. When installing the rubber surface, the edge wall skirting around must be above the required floor thickness. A proper slope to drain water out from either side of the surface is also put into consideration and is compulsory to avoid cases or rubber swelling. When installed by professionals, the surface has to be thoroughly inspected in case of any moisture, oil, dirt, or even cracks.

While applying EPDM, the process is mainly not done when the temperature is high, this greatly applies to places with high rainfall and sea level. Installation of the rubber surface is always done when the equipment is on-site. EPDM has a rich history and has maintained its great property. It is becoming popular each and every day and has a wide range of uses. Get in touch with professionals for information on it. Professionalism equals standard and high-quality work that is done perfectly.