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Bonded rubber surfaces have a natural display for your playground facility. One of its advantages is that it is permeable to water, making it drain and dry quickly. The rubber has a diverse series of colors blended to suit children’s satisfaction as they admire bright colors.

 It has some benefits such as its moisture and UV resistance. It is cheap to install and requires minimal maintenance. It is installed in any part of the United States of America, and you can contact Pensacola safety surfacing for easier and quicker installation. Here are diversified and detailed benefits of bonded rubber safety surfaces for children’s playgrounds.

Pensacola Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber

The Appearance of The Safety Surface

Bonded rubber safety surface offers smooth and sparkling attraction to its appearance. Bonded rubber creates a safe playground. The aesthetic part of the rubber is that it comes in a variety of natural colors. Your playground will be brightened up with beautifully blended colors. This will give your children a joyful moment during their play. As their playground is brightened up, so makes their mind. As a parent, you feel good when your children are playing and at the same time sharpening their skills.

It Is Economical

In comparison with other safety surfaces, rubber is cheaper and can be quickly installed easily. It has a lengthy lifespan compared to others. Pensacola safety surfacing installs a bonded rubber surface at a considerably lower price in the United States of America and beyond. They use the best materials to ensure children meet their satisfaction. They facilitate a well-equipped playground with a first-aid tool kit and cleaning accessories.

 They offer safety training to selected people living in the community-based playground to meet the safety standards. The installation comes with a warranty offer of a particular period with free service if the surface gets damaged. Bonded rubber safety playground saves on your budget as it does not need high maintenance costs. The playground takes a longer time to wear and tear, thus saving you from repair services. Also, you can easily clean with water. 


Safety is the top apprehension when opting for a playground. Rubber surfaces are a shock-absorbing material that can reduce the landing impact as our children engage in different plays. As an adult, you can indulge in your duties and let the kids do their play most safely. Injuries are minimal, and when they occur, they are not fatal. Children will learn how to skate quickly as rubber provides fall protection preventing injuries.


Bonded rubber is easy to clean. The rubber surfaces are porous, making it possible to be cleaned with water as it will drain out. Ordinary playgrounds are full of dust which exposes children to external environmental factors putting their health at risk. Children can play freely without getting muddy or messy on a safe surface as there is no stagnant water or muddy surface. Rubber does not accommodate bacteria or crawling insects that infect our children with harmful diseases. 

Environmentally Friendly

The bonded rubber surfacing is made from recycled tires enabling it to be eco-friendly. All the disposed of tires are collected from the ground to be used as a raw material. This reduces land degradation as the land space becomes useful for other activities such as farming. Also, the carbon dioxide from the tires to the environment is reduced. This also enables the children to play in a clean environment with clean air. 

It Is Durable

When a bonded rubber safety surface is installed, it can last for a long time. Rubber surface playground saves you a significant amount of money. These playgrounds are highly durable and can last for an extended period before wearing and tearing. No maintenance cost will be incurred as no repairs are needed. Also, children can engage themselves in various games and sports as it facilitates skating, bike riding, among many others. Also, children can explore their talent as they play different types of games in a Rubber surface playground.  The rubber material is of high quality and is not affected by the diverse weather conditions of Florida. For instance, it is resistant to water and UV rays increasing its lifespan.

Sound Resistance

Bonded rubber safety surface absorbs sound enabling the neighborhood surrounding the playground to enjoy a noise-free environment. In a usual way, playgrounds in residential areas can cause inconvenience to the occupants of the nearby house. This is due to the noise children make while playing. A rubber surfacing has the capability of absorbing noise. This drastically reduces the amount of noise.

 Children can now play freely without disturbing the adults in the same neighborhood. You can relax, read your favorite novel during the daytime, or take a nap in a noise-free environment. The rubber surface is an excellent noise canceller. This is due to the fact that the surface absorbs echo and reduces noise transmission.


Bonded rubber safety surface playground is comfortable as it absorbs shock. The elasticity of rubber increases the urge to play, making the children play for longer, feeling the comfort of the surface. Children are more excited and comfortable, and this type of playground will make them play soberly without getting injured. 

High Quality

 Bonded rubber surfaces are prepared with high-quality products. This is to match the customer’s needs considering the aspect value for money. In the market structure of Florida, people opt to go for high-quality products in conjunction with the price. This ensures that you incur minimum expenses when installing a playground. 

 The need to install a bonded rubber safety surfacing playground is one of the most fantastic decisions you can make. No other flooring matches the cost, durability, safety, and attractiveness of an installed playground in Florida and the U.S at large. 

 Pensacola safety surfacing assures your children of having a more significant experience. They can relax if it is not a school day. They will be at home having a lovely time and socializing among themselves when playing. As a parent, you will have played your role to sharpen their future by having great minds.